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The Gear Trick

The Gear Trick is not just a Guild Wars comic: it's also a guild. It aspires to become the "comic" guild that helps new players. We are really starting to create a fun experience in the game that is unique to The Gear Trick, and we hope to spread that fun. If you think you would be right for GEAR -come join us. Or you could always just say hi. You can find the same characters that are in the comics -in game.
Visit the Archive for fun facts about each comic!

The OC, the largest Australian guild in the alliance, has won it's first victories in Heroes Ascent as well as winning favor for the American Server. Thank these guys for opening the Fissure of Woe & Underworld for everyone on the American server! Also in GEAR news: we already mastered the Luxon elite mission, The Deep, so we thought we'd take on the Kurzick elite mission, Urgoz Warren. I'm also still hoping to make FIGHTIN MONKEYS a regular event. Contest wise we organized a guild mascot origami contest to give away a Superior Vigor, however, it turns out everyone in the alliance was "allergic" to paper except for a few brave souls. We are still looking to add more European players and guilds to the alliance so contact us if you think you are GEAR material.
VOTE FOR THE GEAR TRICK AT TWC: make that number go up!