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The Gear Trick

The Gear Trick is not just a Guild Wars comic: it's also a guild. It aspires to become the "comic" guild that helps new players. We are really starting to create a fun experience in the game that is unique to The Gear Trick, and we hope to spread that fun. If you think you would be right for GEAR -come join us. Or you could always just say hi. You can find the same characters that are in the comics -in game. Also check out our new forum for details and updates on the comic, guild, and contest.
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NEWS [7/7/06]: Last Assassin Standing Results
The contest was a great learning experience for the guild. We made some friends and Kloud X, one of the competitors, (featured in the comic above) joined GEAR. Be warned: if you happen to cross one of these characters in game, turn around and travel the other way.
VOTE FOR THE GEAR TRICK AT TWC: make that number go up!